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Welcome to Paintbrush Odyssey, an art studio focused on bringing to life visually the uniqueness and beauty of God's creation. Through his imagination and creative skills, artist Rick Wooten, has developed a unique style that sets his work apart from many of his contemporaries. While detail oriented, and technically accurate in his subject matter, it's his use of rich, saturated colors and how they interact between light and shadow that make his paintings a pleasure to view. The name that was chosen to represent this art studio, Paintbrush Odyssey, is like the road map he follows. What he dreams, envisions, and creates is an odyssey, a journey of exploration, and of growth. It's our hope that each new painting will reflect that.

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MorningStar Graphix to Launch Soon

From the beginning it has been my goal to create artwork that inspires, encourages, and touches the heart through the message of the Gospel. I believe that art inspired by the Word of God, and by the uniqueness and beauty of God's creation, can have a profound impact on those who view it. My goal and passion is to use the gift that God has entrusted to me and create art based upon the truth revealed in the Scriptures. A new website is being developed which will focus completely on this goal. When we launch MorningStar Graphix it will be highlighted on this website, so keep coming back or contact us and let us know you are interested in becoming a part of this new ministry.



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"My goal is to create a painting that captures the imagination. I want the viewer to enjoy the experience of exploring the world they've entered. And if my art is able to have a positive impact, where it brings a sense of peace and hope in a world so full of stress and hopelessness, then I've accomplished something worthwhile."

Rick Wooten, Paintbrush Odyssey

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